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Scindapsus Perakensis Mint

Scindapsus Perakensis Mint

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Plant Care Guide: 

Bright Indirect Light: 6 ~ 8h

Temperature18 ~ 28°C

Humidity: 40% ~ 60%

Water: When mostly dry


🪴 Common Name: Perak ivy

🪴 Introduction:

Scindapsus Perakensis Mint is a variegated version of the Scindapsus species, which is part of the Araceae family. Before integrating a Scindapsus Perakensis Mint into your plant ensemble, understanding its care needs is crucial for its thriving presence. This variety thrives in a warmly lit environment, necessitating regular leaf misting to ensure hydration and employing well-draining soil to avert the risk of root rot.

Each Scindapsus Perakensis Mint we select showcases exquisite variegation, with leaves that are notably smooth and vines that exhibit robust climbing capabilities. This meticulous selection underscores its ornamental appeal, making it a standout addition to any collection.

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