No matter if you're a beginner or an experienced fan in the captivating realm of Anthuriums, the title 'King of Spades' or KOS undeniably demands notice. This magnificent type, with its foliage resembling the spades found in traditional playing cards, radiates an air of nobility and magnificence that cannot be overlooked.

Meet the mastermind behind the stunning Anthurium 'King of Spades' (KOS) - Mr. Haji Ulih. The 'HU' in the plant's name isn't just a label, it's a tribute to Haji Ulih's passion and expertise in cultivating this remarkable hybrid. With its soft, velvety leaves and striking venation, the Anthurium 'KOS' - Or we should call it Anthurium 'HU' is a true standout among plants, making it a prized possession for any plant enthusiast. is honored to work closely with Mr. HU, who despite being widely recognized worldwide, lives a simple lifestyle. He does not use cell phones and spends a considerable amount of time in his garden. He graciously invites our partners for modest dinners in his beautiful garden. What sets him apart is his personal involvement in selecting each Anthurium, demonstrating his dedication and love for his craft.

Mr HU select plants for

As a botanical enthusiast, I often ruminate on the significance we assign to a plant's lineage or ancestry. I believe that beauty is inherently subjective, and that even the most humble flower can captivate us with its charm, depending on our individual perspectives. This is why I have reservations about the emphasis placed on 'purity' in the commercialization of plants.

Nevertheless, I have great admiration for nurseries and the dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to expand and enrich our indoor plant collections.

Did you know that developing a new Anthurium hybrid, from parent selection to seed cultivation and eventual stabilization, can take at least two years? And that many sellers assign marketable names to plants, inflating their prices without concern for the plant's stability?

At, our mission is clear: to offer affordable plants without compromising on quality. For Anthurium enthusiasts, starting with a hybrid can be a practical and enjoyable way to delve into plant care, without the need for pedigree or provenance. Our website showcases a vast array of real plant images, ensuring that what you see is what you get.

If you share our enthusiasm for collecting and are open to spending money on plants grown by experts like Mr. HU, then is the ideal place for you. Come and join us in honoring the skill of cultivating plants and introduce a part of Mr. HU's heritage to your own living space.


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