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Philodendron Golden Violin

Philodendron Golden Violin

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Plant Care Guide: 

Bright Indirect Light: 6 ~ 8h

Temperature18 ~ 28°C

Humidity: 40% ~ 60%

Water: When mostly dry


🪴 Common Name: Philodendron Bipennifolium 'Gold Violin', Philodendron Aurea

🪴 Introduction: This climbing Philodendron, known as 'Gold Violin,' emits a radiant glow with its neon yellow young leaves and distinctive lobes. The appearance of its leaves varies significantly, with juvenile leaves differing greatly from those of mature ones. Rare Philodendron Violin "Aurea" Variegated, is native to the tropical regions of Central and South America, thriving in moist, jungle-like environments. Its leaves exhibit a remarkable variegation pattern, showcasing hues of green interlaced with "aurea" streaks.

🌱 Leaves with an average length ranging from approximately 4" (10cm) and width ranging from 1.6~2 " (4~5cm)

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