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Kaneya Plastic Planter SlitPot | QingShan Pot

Kaneya Plastic Planter SlitPot | QingShan Pot

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🪴 Introduction: In the world of gardening and houseplants, choosing the right pot for your plant is almost as crucial as the care you provide!

After conducting thorough tests on various pot types within our greenhouse, we have identified the Kaneya/QingShan Plastic Planter SlitPot as the optimal choice for the range of plants available in our store. 

This type of pots is often used in Japanese/Chinese horticulture. These pots blend artistry with practicality, offering both visual appeal and functional benefits for plants, including drainage and breathability. Similar to orchid pots, Kaneya | QingShan Pots incorporate design elements that enhance air circulation, such as decorative holes or porous materials.

🔔 Kindly allow for a 1cm tolerance in manufacturing dimensions.

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