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Scindapsus Silver Lady

Scindapsus Silver Lady

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Plant Care Guide: 

Bright Indirect Light: 6 ~ 8h

Temperature18 ~ 28°C

Humidity: 40% ~ 60%

Water: When mostly dry


🪴 Common Name: Scindapsus Pictus Silver Lady

🪴 Introduction: The Silver Lady is reminiscent of both Exotica and Argyraeus, characterized by leaves that fall in size between Exotica's larger leaves and Argyraeus's smaller ones. Its variegation is distinct, featuring silver as the dominant color with occasional specks of green, resembling the inverse pattern of Argyraeus. Additionally, each leaf is outlined with a delicate silver line, aligning with the traditional asymmetrical shape and hook.
🪴 Each leaf is about 10cm length and 6cm width.

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