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    Anthurium Forgetii

    Anthurium Forgetii

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    Plant Care Guide: 

    Bright Indirect Light: 6 ~ 8h

    Temperature19 ~ 26°C

    Humidity: > 60% 

    Water: When mostly dry


    🪴 Common Name: Anthurium Forgetii

    🪴 Introduction: Unlike the typical heart-shaped leaves of its relatives, this plant boasts teardrop-shaped foliage that immediately grabs attention. Its leaves are a canvas for nature's artistry, showcased in a few stunning varieties.

    🪴 Each of our mature Anthurium Forgetii comes with 3-5 leaves, showcasing their lush, vibrant beauty. The dimensions of these plants are thoughtfully considered, with a length of 7-7.9" and a width of 3-4" .

    Our Anthurium Forgetii stand out for their flawless condition, with no damaged leaves, ensuring you receive only the best. The leaves of these plants are the epitome of perfection, boasting the iconic teardrop shape that makes them so sought after. What's more, they feature exceptionally pronounced silver veins, adding a dramatic flair to their appearance.

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