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Anthurium Clarinervium

Anthurium Clarinervium

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Plant Care Guide: 

Bright Indirect Light: 6 ~ 8h

Temperature19 ~ 26°C

Humidity: > 60% 

Water: When mostly dry


🪴 Common Name: Anthurium Clarinervium

🪴 Introduction: The Anthurium Clarinervium, with its striking heart-shaped, velvety leaves, and distinctive cream-colored veining, is a beloved favorite among Anthurium varieties and an ideal choice for beginners.

Its elegant foliage offers a dramatic visual allure, establishing it as a captivating centerpiece in any plant enthusiast's collection. The vivid contrast of its leaf textures and hues infuses a hint of exotic charm into your living or workspace, enhancing the ambiance with its natural beauty.


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