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Anthurium Blue Papillilaminum Original

Anthurium Blue Papillilaminum Original

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Plant Care Guide: 

Bright Indirect Light: 6 ~ 8h

Temperature19 ~ 26°C

Humidity: > 60% 

Water: When mostly dry


🪴 Common Name: Anthurium Blue Papi, Anthurium Blue Pap, Anthurium Papillilaminum 

🪴 Introduction: This Anthurium, 'Blue Papillilaminum', is a standout favorite of ours. It reaches a mature size with pristine, undamaged leaves and showcases unique features. Notice its broad, heart-shaped leaves that taper to a narrow base, highlighted by clear, distinct veins. Its tendency to crossbreed with other Anthurium varieties often leads to exceptionally beautiful offspring.

And remember, the real plant looks even more stunning than its picture!

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