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    Alocasia Bambino Pink Variegated

    Alocasia Bambino Pink Variegated

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    Plant Care Guide: 

    Bright Indirect Light: 6 ~ 8h

    Temperature19 ~ 26°C

    Humidity: > 60% 

    Water: When mostly dry


    🪴 Common Name: Alocasia Bambino Pink 

    🪴 Size: L x W | 4.5 x 1.5 (11 x 3.5cm)

    🪴 Introduction: Alocasia Bambino, known for its slender, arrow-shaped leaves. Alocasia Bambino Pink variegated brings different coloration in the leaves, resulting in patterns of white, cream and pink. These mutations are relatively rare. Perfectly suited for small spaces. 

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